Chateau Saint Laurent

800 years of history

The presence of vines to the east of Chateau Saint Laurent can be traced back to 500 AD in the written records. Chateau Saint Laurent was built by the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem in the 12th century and was one of the first vineyards to supply the Pope's tables with wine in the 14th century.

In 2022, it is a new chapter that opens for Chateau Saint Laurent. The estate includes 38 hectares classified as AOC Côtes-du-Rhône and IGP Méditerranée. The domain chooses the path of agroecology, to enhance the soil's natural fertility by replicating the cycle of nature. 2023 will be the first year of conversion to organic wine growing.

Chateau Saint Laurent


Chateau Saint Laurent,
1847 route de Noves
84310 Morières-lès-Avignon


06 70 44 24 84


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